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Ennemond Gaultier - Suite in D Minor (Perrine 1680)

Transcription: Josinaldo Costa

While widely acknowledged for its elegance and beauty, seventeenth century French lute music is a part of the Baroque plucked string repertory also known for its esoteric notational practice. This idiosyncrasy was problematic in its own time, and addressing this issue is Perrine’s main objective in his Pieces de Luth en Musique of 1680. Providing several favourite works by Ennemond and Dennis Gaultier in fully realised standard notation, this publication made these works available to an audience (such as clavicenists) that was not familiarised with tablature notation. This is of course particularly useful to the contemporary musician, being also an important source for the comparative study of concordances. Moreover, Perrine provides an intelligible description of the use of séparée/brisé and notes inégales in the preface, a relevant primary source of performance practice information.

This transcription is primarily intended as performance score, and it includes detailed fingerings and ornamentation.

VG Suite in D Minor.jpg
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