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Songs for day

The Art Songs of Aristéa Mellos

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and from The Music Trust.

Helen Zhibing Huang - soprano

Ada Arumeh Kim Lowery - piano


Jane Bishop flute

James Larsencello

Artist's Bios

Songs hold the unique power of being able to transcend barriers. They are sung in all languages, across all cultures, and throughout time. Songs carry us through life, from the cradle to the grave: they are our alpha and omega. The very core of our human experience is expressed by the union of words and sound, and yet, the magic of a song is also in its brevity. The humble song can, in the space of a few minutes, plumb the depths of our unspoken desires, dreams, fears, and hopes. For these reasons, the form holds an endless fascination for me. The works presented in this album are art songs: a form in which the voice, text, and instrumental accompaniment are partners of equal value, working in sympathy to capture the essence of the narrative. These art songs, written between 2013 and 2019 act as testaments to my deep love for the human voice, and to the magic of storytelling through music.

- Aristéa Mellos, January 2020

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